The Psychopathy of Fox News

I have been working on a piece for a little while on psychopathy, but until I am fully ready to post that paper, I’ll settle for this mini-essay on Fox News.

Fox News is the last bastion of true opinionated journalism, and I mean that without any sarcasm. They push their own agenda so hard that is obvious to anyone who cycles through the channels who they support. This is opposed to the other media outlets that try to conceal that.

Where Fox News fails, other than being a vacuum of information, is they seemed to have slipped in their own punch and have lost all composure.

Take for example this “report.” In it, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says we should show “respect” to our enemies and even empathize with them, if possible. Fox News proceeds to lose their shit. Oliver North of all people then comments, using “utopian” as a term of slander, that this is horrible while the Fox News “anchor” says she wants to “wring the neck” of terrorists personally.

This is the ultimate summation of Fox News: they are unable to understand that war yields more war. They cannot understand a leader who is not (at least in this moment) a blood-hungry warmonger. The two terms should go hand-in-hand. They do not understand empathy in the way adjusted humans do because to Fox News, empathy is completely unattainable. You empathize with people you agree with only, and that’s that. Thus is the psychopathy of Fox News.

I wish I could cite the person who said it, but one quote always sticks out to me: “When you kill someone, you are creating widows, widowers, orphans, and others who have lost someone they loved.” This summarizes why a “War on Terror” will never end. You are creating new soldiers with every drone attack that misses the real target. You bomb a funeral procession that was supposed to have several members of al-Qaeda or ISIS, but instead was filled with civilians. Then, all of those affected by that attack are now more sympathetic to the terrorist cause.

What Hilary was saying it was most libertarians and pacifists want: we shouldn’t involve ourselves in other matters without first understanding the root cause. The reasoning for 9/11 is all over the place if you read any of al-Qaeda or bin Laden’s materials. They were attacking us for our sustained occupation in their region and allying with their enemies. Their method of getting their message across was horribly off point, but this was the result of decades of frustration and anger that no changes were happening through diplomatic means. A “smart power” policy could prevent the next 9/11, and it could regain some of the clout we lost in the last decade.

When Fox News suggested that Hilary wasn’t a warhawk at all, as if implying that as a slight against her, they really missed the mark. I have no doubt that if she wins, we will be in some other war. It’s how modern presidents work. Fox News will take any chance they can to slander their enemies. I used enemies instead of opponents because they are so far off the scale of reason and logic, that I think they see all of this as a war.

Fox News is the type of network that would deride Obama for freeing the slaves as attacking legal business owners. They are unable to come to any sort of bargaining in terms of reason and logic, and the end it creates an atmosphere of fear.

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