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The ideas, words, and works are solely the creation and representation of me, Eric Ponvelle. None of the opinions, beliefs, and values of my content represents any…

Eric March 9, 2015

"Bows and Internets" by Eric Ponvelle

Originally published on The WiFiles An’ki woke with a slight throbbing in his head. He sat upright on the fur covered ground. He looked down at Sul’ki, looking…

Eric March 5, 2015
Buy "Illusion of Choice" Today!

Buy "Illusion of Choice" Today!

This was a long time coming. Like really long. My novel “Illusion of Choice” is available for pre-order from select retailers online. Please visit Amazon…

Eric January 21, 2015
The Psychopathy of Fox News

The Psychopathy of Fox News

I have been working on a piece for a little while on psychopathy, but until I am fully ready to post that paper, I’ll settle for this mini-essay on Fox News.…

Eric January 11, 2015
Cop Killers and Killer Cops

Cop Killers and Killer Cops

I really don’t want to publicly talk about this, but I cannot censor myself either. My book features a lot of talk about corrupt cops, a full-out onslaught…

Eric January 6, 2015
In Defense of YOLO

In Defense of YOLO

A few years ago, “rapper” Drake is credited with penning the timeless classic “The Motto,” which created the meme of “you only live…

Eric January 5, 2015

Off to Be the Wizard by Scott Meyer [Review]

TL;DR A hacker finds a file that allows him to edit the world around him, proving humanity is part of a computer simulation. Immediately, he gets himself into federal…

Eric January 4, 2015

Altered States of Consciousness

Every now and then, I like to create projects to create a focus for my blog. Here’s one. I study altered states of consciousness a lot for my own entertainment.…

Eric January 4, 2015

Growing Psychonauts with Dreams

While brainstorming on the importance of lucid dreaming, I reflected on my personal experiences. Unfortunately, unlike a lot of the presenters at this conference,…

Eric October 22, 2014

The Meaning of Life

Life, in my experience, has no inherent meaning, and that is okay. No matter how serious, light, right, or wrong we all approach life, none of us make it out alive.…

Eric February 3, 2014


Yesterday, the world learned the passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Considering his long history of drug addiction, it really came as a surprise to no one. In…

Eric February 3, 2014

Ending "Obamacare"

The title is purely for shock value. As a person who has been afflicted with odd medical conditions that would have bankrupted me had I not had insurance, I completely…

Eric January 12, 2014

Another Post about Drugs

“WASHINGTON — As of Monday, the Defense Department says it is conducting random urine testing for spice, an illegal synthetic marijuana-like drug. In the…

Eric December 15, 2013

Bang Zoom, straight to the moon, China

“China says it has successfully landed a craft carrying a robotic rover on the surface of the Moon, the first soft landing there for 37 years. On Saturday…

Eric December 14, 2013

Sony's PS4 Dominates Releases

“Did you participate in Sony’s big PlayStation 4 launch? After selling one million units in just 24 hours and enduring the Xbox One machine, Sony has released…

Eric December 13, 2013

The Linux Revolution is coming

“The time for Linux gaming is finally almost upon us! Valve has confirmed that SteamOS will be released tomorrow, December 13. On the same day, 300 prototype…

Eric December 13, 2013