Illusion of Choice Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Few Minutes Later

Calvin tried to process what had just happened. After a long chastisement from one Officer of the State, Calvin, that Officer, and his partner, whom he knew to be named Joe, were attacked by a Sergeant who shot that first Officer. He was sure David Warren was dead, and he had failed his sole mission objective. Now, he had to survive.

He was unsure why a Sergeant in the World Government of Earth Union Guard would shoot an Officer, but he only had a brief dossier on David Warren. This Sergeant was a complete mystery.

The Unies were a violent lot, but this act definitely broke some of their Rules. When he finally got a grasp of what happened, Calvin saw the Sergeant aim the gun at Officer Warren’s head.

“Are you okay?” A disoriented Joe asked from Calvin’s left.

“Yeah” was all Calvin could muster.

“Stay low. Watch yourself.” The young recruit stumbled his way to his feet. He ran towards the Sergeant who turned and fired at him. The first shot missed him and hit Calvin’s car, shattering the back windshield. The next three shots hit Joe in the shoulder, thigh, and head, but his helmet protected him. He tackled the Sergeant to the ground, but the man was too strong and shook him off. The recruit was on his back as the Sergeant aimed a gun at him, center mass.

Ignoring all his pain, Calvin jumped on the rogue Sergeant’s back, throttling his bulky neck. They began to spin around, and Calvin lost track of how close the traffic was. Officer Warren may be dead already, but in case he lived, Calvin had to prevent his execution. Through his futile attempts to take down the mad Sergeant, a hand grabbed Calvin’s head.

The Sergeant yanked Calvin off his back and onto the ground. The world tilted as he slammed down, and Calvin couldn’t right himself. All he could see was a sick smile that grew on the maniac’s face. He dragged Calvin as close as he could to the speeding cars and aimed the gun at Calvin’s head.

“On your knees and stretch out your right arm into the traffic. Now!” Calvin wracked his brain for an escape, and realizing there was none, resigned himself to his fate.

With the most reluctance allowed by the Sergeant, Calvin raised his body to his knees and thrust his arm into a gap in the traffic. His arm was high enough to hit a car’s bumper. The impact forced him onto his back, and the tires of the car that hit him crushed the bones in his arm. The Sergeant laughed in a sick and scary way as he heard the thud and shatter of Calvin’s arm.

“Get up and do it again with the other arm!” He laughed and shouted at Calvin that created a terrifying cackle.

Calvin felt nothing but pain. His arm felt like he had thrust it into a running engine. He was afraid to look at what was once his arm. As Calvin’s world tilted, he received confirmation about his suspicion over the Sergeant’s injection. His AID chip’s healing abilities were completely disabled.

In his delirium, Calvin thought he heard a voice call out to his attacker.

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