I like to read. A lot.

However, I am very easily distracted, and if I feel like I am hitting a wall, I will stop a book and do something else. I also read painfully slow.

In the past few years, I wanted to increase my reading speeds, and this year, I found the best way to do that: Pop Sugar’s Annual Reading Challenge.

For 2016, there are about 40 categories of books to read from. Some are pretty easy, such as the graphic novel, books under 150 pages, or something you can read in a day, but others are rough. My goal is to do as many as I can before December 31st.

In order to make this even more interesting, I plan to do a detailed review of each book. I have no expectation of finishing all forty books, but I hope I can at least give the authors I do manage to read some review points. Here’s the first one.


A Graphic Novel: Broodhollow

Broodhollow is a web comic by Kris Straus. It’s drawn like the classic comics of Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, and Dilbert only to cross into Lovecraftian horrors. This book is titled Broodhollow: A Curious Little Thing, and it is a collection of the first chapter in the web series.

The story follows Wadsworth Zane, a failed encyclopedia salesman during the depression. Zane is a nervous fellow who has severe OCD in order to preserve “The Pattern,” a construct that he believes keeps bad things out of his life. All of his luck seems to change when he receives a letter telling him his great uncle has died, and he is to claim an inheritance. However, the inheritance is in the town of Broodhollow, a town with a thousand holidays.

Wadsworth starts experiencing paranormal encounters before he gets to Broodhollow, but once he does, everything intensifies.

The book is fantastic. Period. I paid about $8 for it, and I am craving more from the author. I wish book 2 was already in digital format as well as book 3, but until then, I’ll wait patiently. The designs are really well done, the plot line is easy to follow, and the story is extremely compelling. You feel yourself falling into Wadsworth paranoid thinking very quickly.

Buy this book now at http://shop.chainsawsuit.com/collections/broodhollow/products/broodhollow-curious-little-thing-digital-edition.

One down.