So this was frustrating. I had finished all my remaining entries for the series of blogs I was writing on music. Unfortunately, I had them all, unsynced, on my phone that had to be wiped clean. Frustrated at losing a few thousand words, I kind of lost my passion and drive for playing catch-up. Add in that I had some depressing news regarding my novel submission, and I was just in a bad place. I’ll add in the rest of the entries today, shortened, into a single post.

Regarding my novel, I had submitted it to an open call from Hydra, Random House’s sci-fi ebook brand. It was a long shot, but they asked for my full manuscript less than a week after submission. I was elated. The following month was pretty long as I waited for any response. After a query on the status, I felt my optimism boom, but it was sadly rejected. I wasn’t given a ton of a feedback, as I had expected since it was read over a month in its¬†entirety. The major suggestions require a massive rewrite, which after thinking on it and planning, I am kind of excited about doing. ¬†The story will be much more focused and streamlined, and I should be able to get a lot more of my desired themes in there with more cohesion. It is still such a massive undertaking on something I have worked on a lot already. The cool thing is it was my first submission ever. This agent was the first person, other than my wife, to actually read the full novel, and she liked parts of it. That’s a pretty good start I think. I am finally dragging myself to begin work on it. My goal is to have the completed rewrites, polished, for May 1st. We’ll see how that works.

On that same topic, I am trying to write a novel for a publishers new Shared World project. Like the older ones, the publisher created a world, and writers are invited to submit stories that fit int his world. My first idea was pretty interesting, but on hindsight it turned out to be really close to one of my favorite novels. I tweaked the outline, since I only wrote chapter 1 for review, and I think the story is going to be interesting enough. I am submitting that to the editor of the books tomorrow to make sure I am on the same page as they want, but I am pretty optimistic I created something unique for the world.

I also may be doing a presentation for a lucid dreaming conference. The person in charge liked my take on a topic, and she approved my direction. Next step will be research and drafting, but it looks pretty positive.

Today, I’ll post two reviews I have read as well as the remainder of that series of songs.