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Month: December 2012

Remee Update

Been a bit busy since last update to prevent me from having a solid night sleep. Last night, I wore the mask, and my recall was heightened noticeably. The mask works in regards to that.

Nothing more to report for now.

Weekend Updates

Already got behind because the last two night were hectic. Saturday night was a Christmas party at a friend’s house, which went late. Last night, I was awakened by my sick cat. Anyway, I should be good tonight.

Night 3
Went to sleep late and woke up before the lights went off. I gave up after that.

Night 4
Woke up a bunch after a good deal of vivid dreams. Forgot dreams after cat woke me.

Here’s a contribution, though:


Front of Mask


Back of Mask




Front of Box


Back of Box


Quick Start


Full Instructions

Day 2 with Remee: Early Success

On my second day of owning Remee, I have successfully had my first lucid dream.

Nap 1
I laid in bed with Remee in nap-mode. I am extremely sleep deprived, so I can feel my body falling asleep quickly. I am in a dream where my wife and I are on the sofa, and I mention I am about to nap. She says I should get my Remee, and I said “Oh, I’m wearing it.” And she says, “that must mean you are dreaming,” and I say, “Yep.”

So, while Remee’s goal of using flashing lights did not get me my first lucid with the mask, the very wearing of it did.

Night 2
No lucid dreams, but I had a lot of very vivid dreams I recalled during the bulk of my sleeping. I woke up and removed Remee because I knew it was getting late in the night, and I had a few more vivid moments.

Tomorrow, I will include pictures of Remee, the box, and the instructions.

Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask

After my failed attempts with the Calea Zataechichi tincture (link), I laid off most aids for a bit until the Remee I had ordered in July came in. Yesterday was that day.

With this thread, I want to review Remee over the course of a month. Since lucid aids like this require a lot of practice to test their effacy, I want to give it a solid month to try it out.

Pre-Use Review
Remee comes in a small, nice-looking black cardboard box that is just barely bigger than the device. It’s designed cleanly and it gives you a load of information while looking quite sleek. It’s the type of package I could see being in stores everywhere.

Opening the box, you have two items inside: a small folded manual and Remee. The manual is a single double-sided page. One is a quick start guide that tells you how to get started right now, while the other side is a bit deeper. Since I write manuals for a living, I scanned this manual quickly and closely. There were a few areas for improvement, but I think without my editor’s eye, it will serve everyone perfectly fine. Remee is really simple to use because it just has two switches: a power switch and a selection switch. To use Remee for the night, you just need to turn it on. The settings save between uses, and it will go to sleep after 10 seconds waiting for the default 4.5 hours to alert you. If you want to change the brightness, you press the selection button once. If you want to change to sleep mode, you hold it for 4 seconds, or if you want to program it, you hold it for 10 seconds. If you want to test your pattern, you double click. That’s it. It’s a very easy to use and intuitive designed device in terms of making it easy to use and sleep.

The device itself is the epitome of custom design. I ordered red, which is more of a beautiful burnt orange. The color does look really nice and crisp. What shocked me most is how light the device is. It really feels just like a normal sleep mask. There’s no weight at all from the panel inside. I like this a lot since I used to own the REM Dreamer, and it was awful to sleep with because it was so heavy and bulky (for a sleep mask). 

From that topic, sleeping with Remee was ridiculously comfortable. It, again, just felt like I was going to sleep with a blackout mask. That’s the goal of masks like this – to help you sleep quickly and easily and awake you later. Other devices seem to forget that first part.

I haven’t programmed it yet, and I probably won’t until Night 14. Before receiving Remee, I’ve been doing reality checks based on the color red in preparation of my dreams having that color more and more.

Night 1
Nothing lucid, but I had a lot more vivid dreams that I recalled clearly, but I didn’t have time to write them down. Considering I’ve been sleep deprived for the last week, and the fact that I went to sleep late and have been having spotty recall, I give credit to Remee for this increase in recall.

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