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Month: June 2012

Acer Has Been Added to the List

I am the type who doesn’t like to waste money. I am still driving the car I received as a present in high school, despite it being in a position where a replacement is justified. I kept broken glasses long past their usage limit, and I try to keep all my books in presentable condition.

Because of this, I am always reluctant to replace items that still work, especially relatively new items. A little over a year ago (maybe a year and half), I bought an Acer Inspire after my MacBook was rendered inoperable without a disc drive. My wife uses it just fine, but I wanted to upgrade to the latest version, and I couldn’t. So, after Apple said I would have to spend A LOT to replace, I bought a nice cheap laptop, and all was fine.

About two or three months ago, I noticed the first flaw: it was getting really hot. I installed a nifty widget on Ubuntu that allowed me to view my temperatures, and I saw it climb to over 92 degrees Celsius. That’s really bad. I took the battery out, and that helped for a while, but it returned. After that, I would have periods of frequent freezing which made watching videos impossible. I like to watch Youtube speeches and ideas, but when I can barely make it through a video, that severely hinders my productivity. It also makes writing this blog now quite hard as I suddenly cannot see what I am typing. So, against my internal frustrations, I purchased an ASUS.

I am just really getting bummed that Acer, a once reputable company, can not build a solid laptop that would last about 2 years. Are we getting to a point in our society where everything is so disposable that we can accept this?

I’ll post a review on that new computer once I get Linux and everything set up and playing for a week.

Blog 1 of 2: Updates on Stories

After finally editing stories 5 through 7, they are now posted in the reading section. I am going to back publish stories 8 through 16, which is due today. Now, that I have a good job lined up, I think I can focus my leisure time to writing and continuing this project.

As mentioned, I plan to wrap up a group of stories into an eBook which will serve as my donation issue should you like the stories offered. I am also working on publishing and republishing more of The Lake Chronicles before I continue writing future episodes. I think I have episode 1 – 3 complete, and Episode 2 was published leaving me with a little work left to do to hit that goal.

The next blog post will be an actual post about my new job and computer I just purchased, so I will try to keep these site updates spare.

Until then.

It’s Been A While

Well, here I am after a long time of neglecting this site. It’s funny, despite being in a technical field (Technical Writing as it were), I am still subject to the same nuisances that comes with art: mood dominants my productivity. After procuring new employment, I am feeling a fresh vigor to improve this site, submit some stories, and work on my novel.

I wish this productivity could have carried on a bit while I was unemployed, but the way my brain works is if I am not doing something that works towards my current goal (in this case, it was finding work), then I am wasting time/being unproductive, so it blocks me off from that creative well until I could satiate that craving.

My immediate goals (as in by next Friday) are to catch up with all the stories that I have neglected to do each week. This will be a bit of work, but I think I can pull it off or come close enough to count. By then, I should be close to compiling my first eBook, which is when I wanted to do my advertising for this site and my projects. In order to really benefit from that, I need to flesh out more non-fiction writing. I think I will aim for that goal to be around next weekend as well. After that, we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading.

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