It’s been a while since I updated this blog or posted any stories. I will post the two back logged stories from the past two weeks tonight, and I will post the story that was supposed to debut tonight (4/29) around Tuesday.

One major reason for my impromptu hiatus was my layoff from the job that brought me to Atlanta. It was part of a reduction in force, and it was as amicable as a termination can possibly be. There were a lot of mixed emotions with this layoff, most notably an overwhelming feeling of disappointment and that I was a letdown. Fortunately, in the near month that I have been off of work, I have found a few promising leads that should keep me in Atlanta and work out as pretty good opportunities in the long run.

One would think that with no work, I would have the free time to keep up a simple blog. Instead, the first week I was struck with some type of mysterious sickness that left me virtually unable to function with a high fever. I think it was stress induced. After that, I spent every waking week day moment either applying for jobs or trying to push for jobs I applied for. I am a creature who likes to control things. When I have to sit and wait for a response, I became annoyed, panicked, and feeling helpless. I have made some good contacts through this period, and I hope my luck will change soon. For some reason, and I have experienced this before, when I am not working, I feel I am not making the most of my time by not dedicating every free minute to the pursuit of more opportunities.

Well, excuses aside, I will start updating this again effective today. I was recently added to the Duolingo beta, so I plan to update with that where I can, and I have a review of Ubuntu 12.04 coming shortly. I am working on my novel project and submitting that to a few publishers and agent, and I have plenty of stories. I do want to make the website more visual, but that will come in time, and I want to start advertising where I can.

Thanks for sticking with me, fans. I promise I will make this journey a fun one.